See 1, 2, or 3 below, depending on your club setup:

1 Single location

If you have only one location, inventory will synchronize to:

Revel POS > Establishment

Orders that are picked up or shipped will both synchronize from this location.

2 Multiple locations, Member must pick up at only one location

Revel POS > Club Location - this will sync club orders to that location

Revel POS > Establishment - this will sync ecommerce orders to this location

3 Multiple locations, Member can pick up at either location

Revel POS > Establishment - Ship to orders will sync to this location

Revel POS > Club Location - Club orders for members that have not selected pickup location, but has checked pickup option will sync to this location

Ecommerce > Settings - “Pickup locations” - Club orders and commerce orders where member has specified location pickup, will sync from this Revel location.


POS station setting is required for any Revel order

If any location is missing the POS Station setting, then it can not create the Revel order.

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