Under the Main Menu select Clubs

  • Select 'Club Processing' (also called 'Club Shipments' or 'Shipment' depending on your site configuration)
  • From the dropdown, choose the Club for the shipment. If your club does not appear, make sure there are Members in the club. If there are no members in the Club, it will not appear here.  
  • If you are not charging shipping, select Free Shipping (make sure you can legally do this).
  • Discounts: Specify the type of discount you want to apply, 
  •  as Percent or Dollar amount. 
  • From your list of wine, add the Quantity you want to include of each in the batch.  For example, the club shipment is going to include one Pinot Noir, one Cabernet and one Chardonnay.
  • Make sure you have sufficient inventory and watch for any red error messages. If you need to increase the inventory of what is available, click on the name of the wine to go to the wine detail page where you can update it.
  • Review at the bottom to make sure your discounts and total members look correct.  If you forgot to add the discount, you can update it by going back to the top of the page and entering the amount and click on Update.
  • Click the Create Orders button at top

IF YOU ALLOW CUSTOMER CHOICE CLUBS, pause here and go to Customer Choice Clubs for next steps. 


PROCESS: If you are ready to batch process the orders...

  1. The 'Process Orders' button will not appear until after you've created the orders in the previous step. 
  2. The first of the month is the most common time for club processing, and server load times are likely to be heavier. You may experience longer delays before you see the processing. Consider choosing off-peak hours (peak is 7am-4pm PST) to process to avoid delays. If you don't see the orders process within 2 hours you should contact us. 
  • If you are ready to send the order to the merchant processor, select Process Shipment (also called, 'Process Orders') at the top. This will batch process all orders. When you see the "Success" message you can close the window or navigate away. Orders will continue to process through.  If you see the message "Process Queue" that means it is still working.
  • NOTE: Do not Click 'Ship' until the orders have been processed.
  • After orders have processed, go back to the Club Processing page and filter by Order status.  These are the status meanings:
  • In Cart = In cart and not yet processed
    Invalid = Failed credit cards
    Pending = Waiting for processing queue, they will settle through
    Processed = Successfully processed
    Original Open = Open orders that have not been processed yet
    Customized = All custom orders
    Customized Open = Custom orders that have not been processed yet 
  • Filter in the Shipping dropdown for: All, Shipping, or Pickup (choose Location, if you have more than one location).
  • Once you have filtered, choose an Export option, based on what you are doing next (preparing orders, getting a list for pickup, preparing only the custom orders, etc)

Pickup List = List of members and type of membership, if you have pre-packed sets of wine for pickup based on type of club.

Default = Includes details of what is to be included in the order  

VinFillment = Custom format required if fulfillment via VinFillment

MyUPS = Format required if uploading to ship via MyUPS. This will export only orders that are to be shipped, and only orders that have processed. It will not include invalid orders or orders for pickup. 

UPS Worldship = Format required if uploading to ship via UPS Worldship. This will export only orders that are to be shipped, and only orders that have processed. It will not include invalid orders or orders for pickup. 

Other filters may also be available.

If you need a custom filter, submit a ticket. This may be subject to a nominal charge if the filter does not exist.

What to do with Failed Orders? 

Depending on your configuration, members whose credit cards have failed will receive an automated email asking them to login to update their credit cards. Next steps: Failed Orders

Manage Club Pickups

You can manage club pickups either directly on Vines OS or directly on Revel Systems POS. Follow the appropriate link. NOTE, if using Revel, it's critical to know if you are using Invoices or Orders for club shipments. If you're unsure.. ask us and we can verify it for you. 

Manage Club Pickups on Revel using Orders and Custom Dining Options 

Manage Club Pickups on Revel using Invoices 

Manage Club Pickups on Vines OS

Manage Club Shipments

We recommend using UPS so you can create shipping labels and track club orders right through to delivery.

Manage Club Shipments with UPS

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