See 1, 2, or 3 below, depending on your club setup: 


1 Single location

If you have only one location, follow these steps:

In Vines OS go to:

Revel POS > Establishment

Vines OS Orders that are either for pickup or to be shipped will synchronize to this location inventory. 

* See below : Warehouse inventory options for ship to orders


2 Multiple locations, and members must pick up at ONLY one location 

In Vines OS go to:

Revel POS > Club Location - this will sync club orders to location chosen

Revel POS > Establishment - this will sync ecommerce orders to this location

  • See below : Warehouse inventory options for ship to orders


3 Multiple locations, members can choose to pick up at one location or another

In Vines OS go to:

Revel POS > Establishment - "Ship to" orders will sync to this location

Revel POS > Club Location - Club orders for members who have not specified a pickup location on the signup form, but who have checked pickup option will sync to this location.

Ecommerce > Settings - “Pickup locations” - Club orders and ecommerce orders where member has specified location pickup, will sync from this Revel location.


POS station setting is required for any order to sync to Revel. Double check and confirm you have set, for EACH Location:

Vines OS Dashboard > Revel POS > Establishment

If any location is missing the POS Station setting, then it can not create the Revel order. For example, orders created on Vines OS will not synchronize through to Revel, because they will not know which POS to attribute the order to for reporting.

This will also mean your order revenue is not syncing through to Quickbooks for accounting purposes. 

PICKUP NOTE: Members can decide which location they want to pick up at, but once the order is sent to a specific Revel location, the order has to be marked as picked up on Vines OS IF THEY WANT TO PICKUP at an alternate location. Revel does not allow alternate establishment pick up.


4 Warehouse inventory options for ship to orders

You may track the third-party warehouse inventory separately, where you can create the warehouse location name under E-commerce >Settings – scroll to the bottom under locations. Click Add Row. Enter the warehouse location name (this is for internal purposes only). Set the appropriate tax rate. 

From the drop down menu choose either Only for shipping or Only for club shipping.  Set the appropriate tax rate. 

On the product page for the item,  you will now see this location as an option for tracking inventory. Set the number available at warehouse, as orders are processed that are for club or ecommerce shipping, the number will be depreciated.

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