Vines OS uses a tokenization process for managing recurring credit cards for clubs. Credit cards are not stored on your server, reducing your liability and risk for PCI compliance. When a member signs up, or when an order is placed, the credit card is 'tokenized' and given a random long string of digits, which is referenced when you process your club, instead of the actual credit card, which is securely stored in the merchant processor's vault.

We are often asked if clients can use their own merchant accounts. Unfortunately, the integration process is very complex and time-consuming for each Merchant account provider.  We've chosen OpenEdge and PayJunction for very specific reasons. Please see below for more details and consider which merchant account you would like to work with.

If you are using Revel or any other POS system, we can connect your POS so that you only have one merchant account. When setting up Revel as your POS, choose Revel Advantage, and let them know it is for the Vines OS account.   Then when you set up your merchant account, ask for it to be on the TSYS network. Once your account is set up, your merchant account rep will provide your Revel account manager with a form to connect Freedom Pay to your merchant account for Vines OS.


 WorldPay has a direct integration with Vines OS. (If you are setting up on Vines OS and Revel, and want one merchant processor, choose WorldPay for the most streamlined onboarding, no gateway fees, and direct integration on both Vines OS and Revel. The WorldPay Account Updater feature gives you access to the VISA Account Updater (VAU) and Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) service which allow you to ensure your members payment details are kept up to date. Turnaround time is typically 2-3 days, so you can be processing very quickly. The button below will take you to an automatic onboarding page and you will be able to ask questions to the rep that contacts you, typically within a day if not same day.

If you need help with your account after it is set up, the WorldPay Customer Care team can be reached at 800-846-4472.


OpenEdge connects directly to Vines OS and offers Decline Minimizer, which also updates card on file. It is for use on Vines OS ecommerce/club only, and does not work with the POS. The button below will generate an email, be sure to mention you are looking for an account for Vines OS. Send an email to at OpenEdge to request rates for a Vines OS account.


PayJunction is located in Santa Barbara, CA and was our original integration partner. PayJunction does not have decline minimizer, however. Also, if you ever decide to leave Vines OS and want to take your member card data with you, PayJunction does not export member card data, and Vines OS only stores the token, so we are unable to assist you with member credit card access. The button below will generate an email, be sure to mention you are looking for an account for Vines OS. 

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