Go to Notifications on left menu.  (If this does not display for you, please let us know)
 From the drop down menu, choose each notification template and review it, and make changes to any part of it that you can edit. There are some parts that cannot be edited because they are based on dynamic content.

Note that there are different notifications for Orders, depending on whether they are shipped to orders or pickup orders. This way you can put in custom information that will appear only on orders that are for pickup.


Order Placed - This is only used if you are only authorizing and not capturing the order, and intend to review each order before processing. In Settings, if you have "Authorize only" togggled on, it will not capture in real time, and you will need to review and process the orders manually. This email will only be sent when the order is placed by the customer.

Pickup vs Ship to Order notifications: Note that there are different emails for orders that are PICKUP vs SHIP TO. In the title, 'PICKUP' is mentioned for any notice that will go to a PICKUP order. For example "Order Processed" is a Ship to order, and "Pickup Order Processed" is a pickup order.

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