When a member comes in to pickup, go into Vines OS >Ecommerce >  Orders

Enter the Customer name or email in the Search box. Optionally, you can also filter for Hold for pickup. 

On the 'Order status' column, click on the green button labeled 'Hold for pickup' and click 'Picked Up'.

The status for the order is now set to Picked up, and it will include a date stamp and the name of the employee logged in to Vines OS who marked it as Picked Up.

Multiple location pickup options
If you have multiple locations, and have set up these options for pickup (In E-commerce >settings, bottom of page, add locations and taxes), you can allow a member to pickup at a different location than where they originally planned to pick up. You can also check whether you want to charge/refund the tax difference or not, based on how you are collecting the tax, if applicable.  By default it is selected to not charge the tax difference. Click Update, and the inventory will be restored to the original location, and pulled from the new location. This feature is also integrated with Revel for inventory management.

Paper Method

You can also keep a printed list of members with orders to pickup on site, then mark them in bulk as Picked up later. 

Under the Filter for Fulfillment chose "To Pickup" option,  which will include all order status if you filter for Order Status 'All'.  Pickup will show all Pickup orders, whether they have been picked up or not. 

Print the list and check them as picked up on the list when the member comes in. At the end of the day, you can login to Vines OS and bulk update the status of those orders to Picked Up.

Go to Orders > Hold for Pickup

Choose to display 'All Pages' by checking the box above the Search submit button. (This will show all orders on one long list. If you have over 500 orders, skip this step and just do page by page of order results).

Sort by Last name by clicking on the column heading
Select the check box beside the Invoice number of any member who picked up
Continue through the list.
At the bottom, on right, set the Status box field to 'Picked up'

This will change all of those orders to status 'Picked up'.

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