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Step 1: Merchant Account Set Up

  1. Choose your merchant provider from our list of supported merchants.
  2. If you have members credit cards already on file with another processor and you need to move them, please email support@vinesos.com and we will help you start the transfer process. Please note, never email any spreadsheet that contains credit cards.

Step 2: Prepare your products for import

  1. If you want to import products use this spreadsheet (If using Revel, you can use this spreadsheet to import other product fields that Revel does not have. The SKU is the mapping identifier, so make sure you download from Revel, and keep the SKU in what you upload.)

Step 3: Import member data

Which of these apply to you:

  1. I have Credit Cards in Spreadsheet

If you have credit cards to import start the Import process

 2. I already have an OpenEdge or WorldPay account
If you are already processing with OpenEdge or WorldPay  and have members, ask your current wine club software vendor to provide you with an export of your members including the token or alias, from your merchant provider. Then complete the spreadsheet but instead of including the credit cards, just include the alias/ token for each member.

3. I don't have access to members credit cards
If you cannot retrieve your members credit cards, the only option is to send out an email notifying them that you have a new club processing system and requesting that they log in to update their account information. You can also update the credit card for them.

Step 4: Understanding the Vines OS Dashboard

Within a few days of providing us with the branding page (Step 1) we will notify you that your Vines OS dashboard has been set up, and will include login credentials. The login link will be in the footer.

The Vines OS Menu

Getting around the Dashboard

Whenever you log in, you will be in the Orders section. This is where you will process or manage any invoices. Click on the Order ID to see the order details.

Settings - set up initial configuration for Vines OS including general ecommerce and club details that are required.
Ecommerce - review and manage orders; configure settings for different types of products. Be sure to set up the Ecommerce Settings for each product type. Instructions are included below.
Customers - CRM for your customers - this includes all customers, those who have made a one time order, created an account, as well as members. Check the loyalty filters here!
Web site - edit web pages - mainly used for sites that use Vines OS content management system, but also includes "snippets" which are chucks of text placed on pages, such as above the member signin page, or on top of the order checkout.
Products - manage products for sale and set up labels and varietals.
Clubs - configure clubs, manage members and process club orders
Events - add events and manage RSVPs
Notifications - review and edit default system email notifications
RevelPOS - configure sync settings between Revel Systems and Vines OS

Front end access

When you are logged in, you can quickly get to the front-end of the Vines OS pages by clicking on your red Brand name at the top left of the page, or you can get to the POS, Club, Shop, or Events main pages by clicking links on the right.

After you are logged in, when you go to the front end pages, you will notice ‘edit’ links throughout the Vines OS pages. Click on the edit link it will take you back to the Dashboard to that exact content area, where you can modify the text or details.

Step 5: Initial configuration

Create Admins and Set Manager emails in Settings

Go to Settings > General Settings on the right or the gear icon on top, and enter the email address for club, ecommerce, or event managers. We will be sending periodic messages during the onboarding process, so it's important that these fields are filled out right away so our messages go to the right person.

Password: To set your password, go to the Login page (The link is in the footer of your branding Vines OS site) and click on Forgot Your Password. Enter your email and follow the directions you receive by email.


  1. Use a password that has 8 characters, use at least one number, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one special symbol. Accounts and passwords must be secure and must not be shared to protect sensitive data on customer accounts.
  2. Do not use the same password, security question and answer for multiple accounts.
  3. To meet PCI Compliance standards, do not share logins or passwords. It is essential that ANY PERSON logging in to Vines OS has their own username and password. Please set up individual user accounts for any staff.

**NOTE: Members can not be Admins. Make sure your staff reserves the email for work as their admin account. Do not set up test or real member accounts for staff using their work email address. One email can not be both an Admin and a Member.

  1. Go to: Settings > Manage Users
  2. Click blue button at top right "New User"
  3. Enter only the required fields (red asterisk).
  4. The password you set must be secure: 8 characters, use at least one number, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one special symbol. Do NOT send password to your staff, this is not secure. Instruct staff to go to the login page and use Forgot password, then enter email address and they can then reset their password.
  5. Make sure Role is set to Maintainer.
  6. Instruct staff to change their passwords. Do not email login and password in same email to staff, send in two separate emails to be more secure.

General Settings

Go to Settings > General Settings. These are the one-time setup configurations for features and main system settings.  Review all options and please note when all Fields with an asterisk  (*) are required. 

  1. Review all product specific settings such as where you can ship, discounts and taxes. Let us know by using the chat window if you want to have ShipCompliant Sales Tax enabled. (In a nutshell, you get County level sales taxes updated monthly, for $25 subscription fee, otherwise you can set State level tax and modify rates manually as they change.)  
    Note: Ask us if you want to be able to include products from a different product type, such as gift products, in a club release, and not have the club discount apply to those items. We can set this up for you, if you need it. 
  2. Update and Customize boilerplate footer content
    * Club Terms
    * Shipping & Returns
    * Privacy Policy
    Learn More
  3. If you need help with anything, use the red chat icon on the bottom right of the Vines OS dashboard to get help! 

Step 6: Club setup

  1. Review every option and setting in Settings > Settings Manager  "Wine Club" section. Every field has explanatory text when you roll your mouse over it. If you have questions on anything, we're here... just use the chat icon bottom right! Fields with an asterisk are required. Be sure to SAVE (scroll to top).
  2. Add your clubs:  Go to Clubs > Wine Clubs and then follow instructions including setup for Customer Choice Clubs: https://support.vinesos.com/clubs/getting-started-with-clubs/setting-up-clubs  (Note: If you have clubs with tiers,  such as "Red" "White" "Mixed" - 2, 4, 6 bottles each, send us your club structure, using the chat icon.)
    2b) Configure gift clubs if you are going to offer gift clubs. 
  3. Set Club discounts or online or POS orders.
  4. Make sure shipping is set up
  5. Set up club terms.
  6. Set club pick up terms.
  7. Add members (IF not already imported in Step 3 above)
    OPTIONS: Import Members credit cards using a spreadsheet
    OR  Add Members manually
    OR Import/sync members from Revel (See Revel section below: "Specify what you want to sync"
  8. Customize your club login page: When logged in to dashboard, go to Web Updates > Web pages. In the Article type dropdown choose 'Snippet. Click on the snippet called __loginPageTop **Do not change the Title of this snippet. Edit the content and Save. Learn more
  9. Add custom text to the top of the Orders page. When logged in, start the checkout process and on the cart page, at the top you will see an "edit" link. Click to add text to the top of the checkout page with custom messaging such as coupon offers, shipping delays, or minimum order requirements. Learn more

10.  Set up a test club

11. Process a test club and schedule your club launch review meeting 

See your club page from the front end

  1. Log in to Vines OS 
  2. Click on the Dashboard menu top left "Vines OS" banner to get to the front end. This will be your club or ecommerce page, depending what you are set up for. 
  3. Scroll to the footer of your page, and look for "Club". Copy the URL to this page, this is the Club page hosted by Vines OS, and eventually this is what your own web site will link to for the menu "Clubs". Alternatively, you can set up your own club pages and just link to the form, which you can see on the Club set up page. Go to Clubs and copy the URL by the field "Signup link". You can link your own hosted club page Sign up button to this url, as an option, instead of having Vines OS host your club pages. 

Launch your club

  1. When you have tested your club processing and had approval by VOS to launch, link your club page menu item on your site to our club page.
  2. Add a menu item "Member login" and link it to the Login link that is in your footer on the VOS site. 
  3. Add a custom welcome message to members that shows at the top of the login page. (This will also be the main message on your login screen so admins will also see it). To do this, go to the VOS Dashboard: Web Updates > Web Pages >  filter for "Snippet" (this is a  chunk of text as opposed to a full-page of content, often used on the page somewhere). Look for " __loginPageTop snippet" and modify the message. 


Step 7: Add Wine (or Products)

  1. Add manually
  2. Import from Spreadsheet and/or Revel (See Revel section below). If importing use this spreadsheet to also import other product fields that Revel does not have.) The SKU is the mapping identifier, so make sure you download from Revel, and keep the SKU in what you upload.

   Product image size recommendations

Step 8: Configure Ecommerce

  1.  If it has not yet been done in CLUB set up above, review and set product specific settings such as club discounts, taxes and shipping. 
  2. Configure this for EACH PRODUCT TYPE. Settings are unique to product types, so discounts, taxes, shipping is separate for merchandise, beer, wine, food, etc. 

Step 9: Set Up Events

  1. If you have more than one type of event, let us know how you want them.categorized, for example "On-site events" and "Festivals", or "Member only events".  Let us know if you want separate pages for each event type, or all events on one page, separated by Headings, ie "Onsite Events" heading, then list of those events, and "Festivals" heading and a list of festivals. We will set this up for you before you create your first event. 
  2. Add your events.
  3. Add a new Event by clicking the blue 'Add Event’ option at the top.
  4. View the details of existing events by clicking on the Event Name.
  5. Select the Event Type from the drop-down list, if you defined those in step 1 above. This determines where the event will get posted. 
  6. Required fields:  Title, Date, Time, Event Type, Price, *Sell tickets online
    Select the Start Date which is the date you would like your event to start displaying on the website, this can be today’s date or a date in the future. NOTE:  If you don't set the start date to the current date, it will not display.
  7. Set the Display Until Date which is the date you would like your event to stop displaying on the website (recommended to set  the day after the event). You may select the ‘No Expire’ box which will keep your event on the website indefinitely.
  8. Select ‘Show’ (NOTE:  If you fail to select this,  the event will not show up.)
  9.  Description: write any details on the event. Everything you enter before the first paragraph mark will display on the event list page. Text that you enter after the first paragraph mark will display on the detailed event page, in other words, what your visitors see when they click on the event name or on "More information".
  10.  Feature: disregard unless you have a site hosted by Vines OS. If your site is hosted, checking this will make the event display in the Featured spot on the homepage. 
  11. SKU:  if item exists on Revel, enter same SKU to map it. 
  12.  Confirmation email:  include any details that you want that are specific to this event, it will be included in the confirmation email to the buyer.
  13. Enter the Price, Event Ticket and Quantity information. If tickets are required and you do not include the Max Seats Available, VINES will assume that the event is sold out 
  14.   Quantity: maximum seats available – cannot be zero or blank.
  15.  Sold out: select to make the event show as  Sold out
  16. Limit Order Qty:  this will allow only set number per order. Dropdown appears for you to set number after it's selected. 
  17. Price Section:
    Free: Yes or No
    Non member cost - for guest checkout
    Member cost - for members. This price will be applied on checkout when they use the email address on file.  Set Free if you offer all free or a set number free, and then enter in number of free tickets in the "Limit free members tickets" box. Renews annually - if members get free tickets to an annual event, check box and set date for the annual renewal.
    Offered only to membership: Choose if it is only for a specific club.
    Limit members discount tickets: Enter number of discounted tickets a member can buy before making the tickets regular price.
    Exclude from any discounts: Coupons or discounts will not apply
  18. Sell tickets online: Check if you want to sell tickets, otherwise the event will just display with no Buy option. 
  19. Members only: Restrict to members
  20. Separate email notification: enter email of the staff who should receive the order notices if different than what is set in Settings > General Settings otherwise leave blank.
  21. Repeat event: Check box then select days and times of the week. RSVPs will be made for separate dates and times. (*Separate fees will apply for template set up if you have not pre-purchased Recurring Events).
    Available for purchase:  Set # of days in advance bookings can be made. This allows time months in advance that you can block for weddings, corporate events, etc.
    Minimum purchase timeframe: Hours in advance tickets must be bought to allow time for catering, staffing etc. 
  22. Requires participant names: Buyer must enter guests names during checkout, which will be included on the RSVP list for easy checking of all guests. 
  23. Pickup locations; set if tickets must be picked up at one location if you have more than one location. 
  24. SAVE. 
  25. Check the event and do a test ticket purchase. 

You will receive email notification of any transactions on your site, you may view these transaction from the Content Manager:
Online sales – Cart, Order Manager
Wine Club Members – Wine Club, Member Manager 

Event RSVPs – Events, RSVP Manager
Contact Us requests – Contact Us, Contact Us Manager 

Step 10: Revel Set Up 

  1. Ask your Revel Account Manager to set up Partner Connect for Vines OS. This is required so we can get your Revel API to connect the two platforms. Once you have this with Revel, they will send us the info we need to connect, and will be able to assist with product and member import. When we get your API key, we will link the platforms and notify you.
  2. Confirm Revel Settings > Do not allow modification to CLOSED orders = OFF (This is so you can update the order to Dining Option "Picked up" when the member comes in to pick up more than 24 hours after the order was created on Vines OS and sent to Revel as a closed order). IF this is ON, the Dining options button will be greyed out and you won't be able to change it.
  3. Set up access to Revel for Vines OS
  4. Ask Revel to set up "Webhooks" so you can have real time sync. Here's the real time sync schedule when using Webhooks, here is the sync schedule just using API calls if you do not turn on webhooks
  5. Ask Revel to set up Custom Dining Options.
  6. Set Inventory sync settings on Vines OS > Revel: Establishment  
  7. Set configuration settings and whether it should be two way. This includes Member sync. Do this for EACH product type.
  8. Set to sync products by category or product group from Revel.
  9.  Map existing items - only if you have products already both on Vines OS and on Revel. Otherwise disregard this section.
  10. Learn how to manage club pickups on Revel POS 
  11. Learn and train staff how to manage club or ecommerce order refunds, voids, surcharges and order changes on Revel
  12. If syncing Events with Revel, set up Event sync 
  13. If syncing Merchandise with Revel, set up Merchandise sync.


Set up your subdomain: 


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