After we have received your Revel API settings from Revel, you will see them in the Vines OS menu: RevelPOS >  Settings. 

1. Add Vines OS User Credentials, include username and password. Follow instructions carefully please, because if this has not been set up we will not be able to complete the setup.


Confirm in the list what you want to sync, and whether it is one way or both ways.

VOS > Revel : Syncs from Vines OS to Revel

Revel > VOS : Syncs from Revel to Vines OS (Keep this on if you are tracking member pickups on Revel)

Import only members POS orders - this will skip non-member POS orders and only sync member orders from Revel

Skip POS orders - this will skip all POS orders

Push declined orders to Revel - this will send orders with credit card declines to Revel immediately, along with the successfully processed orders. If off, it will send declines at end of day.


VOS > Revel : Syncs from Vines OS to Revel

Revel > VOS : Syncs from Revel to Vines OS

Turn off Revel member approval: Changes will sync from Revel with NO approval needed on Vines OS. ***Note: there is risk associated with this because you could lose member data. We recommend to always approve Member changes and leave this off.

Products / Wine

VOS > Revel : Syncs from Vines OS to Revel

Revel > VOS : Syncs from Revel to Vines OS

Import only products that include the words: If you have 'Retail' on a wine name in Revel, if you enter 'Retail' it will ONLY import items with 'Retail' on it into Vines OS.

Remove from display of title on website the words: Use this to remove anything you do not want to display from the name on your website.

Publish imported wines: This will auto publish and make available anything that is imported.

Import Revel subcategories as Wine varietal: if you have varietals set up in Revel as your Subcategories in Revel, toggle this on to set them as Varietal in Vines OS.


VOS > Revel : Syncs from Vines OS to Revel


VOS > Revel : Syncs from Vines OS to Revel

Revel > VOS: Syncs from Revel to Vines OS

Update product description after initial sync: If on, the product description will continue to update after the initial synchronization. Leave this off if you want to modify your website description and not have it update the POS description.

Skip POS inactive products: Toggle this on to disregard and not synchronize any items that are inactive in Revel.

Use advanced product details 'Comment' field for product title: Toggle this on if you want to rename items in Revel to something custom. Ask Revel to enable the Advanced Product Details: Comment field, and use that to enter the name you want the item to show as online.

Enable Revel Gift Card for online purchase: Toggle on if you are using Revel gift cards and want to allow for online purchases on Vines OS.

Start sync process - this will trigger an entire sync before the end of day schedule.

The very first time you synchronize, you will toggle this on and save, and then repeat. You need to toggle it on twice, saving each time, for the very first synchronization to work. The first one sets it to synchronize, and the second one forces it to synchronize right away.

If you need to just pull over Products or Inventory from Revel, scroll to the top of the page and use the Sync products or Sync Inventory buttons on the top right.


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