New California Warnings for Alcoholic Beverages Take Effect August 30, 2018

On your Vines OS dashboard, please be sure to toggle the California Prop  65 to on.
Go to Settings/General Settings and scroll down to Ecommerce.  Toggle California Prop  65 so that it's green.

For sales and shipments in the state of California, the Prop 65 warning will display on your checkout page. Do a test order and have it shipped to CA to verify you see the warning your customers will see when it's turned on. Be sure to be LOGGED OUT as admin when testing, the warning does not display in admin view, only for Guest checkout or Member checkout. 

Failure to comply

The mandated Proposition 65 warnings apply to all products sold in California regardless of where the products are manufactured and, the bottom line is, if you violate these detailed regulations, you could face significant monetary penalties and attorney’s fees from the plaintiff’s gathering to commence enforcement.

The penalties that are in the law may be imposed on a sliding scale ranging up to $2,500 per day per violation - - going back as far as one year.

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