Club Updates

New filter for orders by release

You can now filter for orders to see all orders by a release. Under Ecommerce > Orders, use the 'Order Type' dropdown to see all past club orders. If you used the Club Release Name field it will show beside the Club Order ID. 

Customize club orders with additional discount or change pickup/ship

Easily modify a club order discount by $ amount or %, or change whether the order is for pickup or shipping. Learn more. 

MailChimp integration

There is now an ability to filter for members and at the filter list to your email campaign in Mailchimp. You can also filter for customers including by lifetime value, and add them to a Mailchimp campaign. 

Make packing up club shipments easier by including the club release name on the label. Learn more.

Customer Choice club shows member price

Customer choice clubs now show the discounted member price on the product based on the % discount you set in the club release. 

Free Clubs

A great way to get signups and offer a small perk. Customers can signup, no credit card, and be recognized as part of a loyalty club with no fee.

Revel Updates

Much easier method to cancel members

You no longer need to create and maintain "Inactive" type clubs. We've simplified the way to unsubscribe a club member. Learn more 


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