When customers purchase Gift Cards on your site, you'll need to export these cards to Revel to enable the card to be used on the Revel POS iPad.  Please follow these steps to ensure Gift Cards are properly accounted for.

Vines OS Dashboard

Go to Products > Gift Card > Gift Card Dashboard.
Check the box beside the gift cards you wish to export to Revel.
You can either download individual cards or "All New" cards.  Selecting "All New" will select only those cards that have not been previously exported.
Note: Cards that have previously been exported will have an icon indicating it has been exported.

Once you completed selecting cards to export, click the green Export button in upper right of the Gift Card Dashboard.  An excel file will download to your local computer.  This is the file you'll import to Revel.

Revel Dashboard

On your Revel Dashboard, Go to Settings >search for Gift card and select "Gift, Rewards and Admin Cards". Scroll down until you see the Gift, Rewards and Admin Cards section, click on Import for Gift card.
Click "Choose file" and select the file you just exported from Vines OS.
Click "Upload"
Note: Each time you export gift cards from Vines OS, it will have the same file name with an incremented number on the end.  "vos-giftcards (12).xlsx"  We suggest renaming or deleting the file each time you do an export.

Upon successful import of new cards, your dashboard will display the Gift Card number, initial value and remaining balance.  You're all set!  These Gift Cards can now be redeemed on your Revel POS iPad as well as your website.

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