Club orders from Vines OS are not synchronizing over to Revel

First understand what syncs

  1. Club orders that are declined and to be shipped do not sync to Revel until they have been successfully paid and processed. Once the order is processed it will then sync to Revel. 
  2. Club orders that are declined and to be picked up should sync to Revel right away along with the paid orders. You can receive payment on the ipad and mark the order as picked up when it is paid by credit card swipe. 

To find the orders that didn't sync, filter orders by "no-sync"


This could happen for a few reasons. Please check: 

A: Confirm you have set where products should synchronize to on Revel. If the product does not exist on Revel, the order can not go through. Click on the product on the order, it will go to the product page. Make sure you see the Revel link on the product, it should show the inventory on Revel. If it does, skip to section B. If it does NOT then: 

  1. Go to Vines OS> RevelPOS > POS Items
  2. In "Put Vines OS Products in Revel Subcategory" dropdown, make sure you have selected a SUBCATEGORY on Revel. This is where Vines OS will put newly created products from Vines OS on Revel. You can always move the product into a different subcategory, but Vines OS needs one subcategory to push the products to initially.
  3. Now go to RevelPOS > POS Settings and toggle on "Start sync process". Do this only once per day to avoid going over your daily API call limit.
  4. Return to the order page to confirm the orders have synced. It is not always immediate (it depends on how many orders are processing and other server calls), so if you don't see it, check back a bit later to confirm the orders have gone through. You will see the Revel Order # in the list of Orders, or on the order detail page, when it has gone through.

B: Confirm you have inventory for the items you have added to the orders.
Click on the product name on the order to go to the product to verify it has inventory. If it does not, add inventory in order for the sync to happen. When you are building your club order, it will show in red warning if their is insufficient inventory on Revel. 

C: Confirm the products are properly mapped and synced between Revel and Vines OS.

Example of products not mapped:

Check the SKU and confirm the products are properly synced on Vines OS and Revel. 

If you've checked A,B + C above, and none of those apply, drop us a chat support ticket and we'll take a look. 

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