1. Add a One Time Event

Go to Events > Events

Select Add Event at top

List: Title, Date, Time, and Type.

Upload image

Set Start Date when event will start to display, and Display Until date, after which event will no longer be listed. (It may still be indexed by search engines - so it's good practice to list it as "Past Event" in case a visitor searches and finds it that way before it falls off Google's radar).

For repeat events, the 'Display Until' date will set the last day for the purchase of a recurring event. So if you set, for example, Display Until April 15, the calendar pop up will only show the event booking up to April 15,  and no booking dates after that day on popup calendar.

Enter description.

Use SKU if relevant.

Enter Confirmation email details.

Set Max seats available.  When selling tickets as an Admin you can override this function.  Learn more.

Set Prices for members, non-members and pricing limitations.

If it's a members only event, check the box "Members Only". This will require member to be logged in to purchase.

Pricing subtype

If you're interested in offering an alternate ticket option for your event, use the 'Pricing subtype'

  1. Check Pricing subtype.
  2. Enter a description for the alternate ticket option.
  3. Enter guest and member price as applicable.
  4. Requires base ticket.  Check this if you want to include the base ticket in the price. If this is not checked, then the alternate ticket option can be purchased separate from the base ticket.

 "Event Ticket" > Sell tickets online. If this is not selected, the event will be promoted on your site, but there will not be a "Buy" button


You're now ready to sell tickets to the event.

2. Repeat Events, Reserved Tastings

Add Tasting Reservations or any recurring type event to your website and let your customers easily book their tastings, while maintaining limited availability of bookings.

Here's a Tasting Reservation example -- if you have the Vines OS Events module, you can set this up following the directions below, and then link the Tastings Reservation page to your main menu. You will have all the RSVPs to manage the check-in at the door. **Make sure to test a booking before making it available on your site.

Go to the Event, and select the checkbox for Repeat event

#1 - Repeat event: Select to make the event an ongoing, repeat event. Note, if your event is only available on 3 days, for example, you would instead go to the bottom section under Available days, and select "Add Day" (#8) to enter just the three dates the event is offered.
#2 - Requires participant names: Check if you want buyer to have to enter guest names. If you do this, you will have each guest so you can check people in without the ticket buyer being there.
#3 Free participants: Check if there is only one cost, and participants are not charged per person, so it would only be 1 cost per ticket. For example, this would be used for a virtual tasting that is private, there is one buyer but they are inviting 10 friends, and it is one cost for the private virtual tasting.
#4 Available for purchase: -Enter days in advance (ie, they can book for 3 weeks out)
#5 Minimum purchase timeframe: Enter the minimum time you need before the booking (48 hours before booking availability).
#6 Days of the week: Select the repeating days of the week the event is offered
#7 Event time: Add times it's available
#8 Available days: Optional alternative, enter just the individual dates the event is available. This is often used for Member pickup parties, where members can choose one of two dates.

3. Virtual Tastings

​To set up a Virtual tasting, where you include specific items in the checkout to anyone who signs up, follow steps as above in 2 for Repeat Events, but also

#1 Go to the Products tab and add the items to include in the sale. Enter the name or partial name of what items you are going to send with the Virtual Tasting.

#2 Be sure to check the box for Free participants on the main Events tab if you want customers to be able to reserve for 6 people but only charge them ONE virtual tasting fee. The virtual tasting fee is added to the cost of the items added in the products tab. Member rates will apply to the products, on checkout.

See: Set up table or location specific limited reservations

See: Modify an Event ticket or allow oversell by admin

See: Events sync process to Revel

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