You can force a synchronization with Revel by going  in Vines OS to
RevelPOS > RevelPOS Settings
Scroll down to "Start sync process" and toggle it on.

You may need to give it some time, depending on the server load your changes should appear, normally between 5-30 minutes.  A few things determine the speed, partly how many items are being synchronized and also server load. 

 Be careful not to do this too many times, you may exceed your daily API limit.

Missing orders - To search for orders that did not sync, go to Orders and filter on Order Type - Vines OS - no sync,

Missing customers/members - If you've searched for and can't find a customer or a member, but they are found in Revel, you can try forcing a sync.  

Missing products - If you are missing a product after it has been synced from Revel, in the Vines OS dashboard go to Revel > Items. At the top click on the 'Deleted on VOS' link. It will show items that at one point in time were imported or created on Vines OS and were removed from the database by request. If you see the product there, open it up, make sure Status is set to Published, and Save.

Warning: Use this tool sparingly.  You could hit you API limit for the day, so we'd recommend doing this at the end-of business.

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