To give a full refund on Vines OS:

  1. Open the Order, either from the Orders Section, or from Members or Events. 
  2.  Use the Void button at the top. 
  3. In the dropdown that appears, choose whether to retrieve (restore) or waste (not restore) inventory. 
  4. This process will include the refund of any taxes that were charged on the order.
  5. A message will appear to confirm the success of the void. 
  6. You may see an error IF there is no product to restore inventory to, for example if it has been deleted. 

Watch it here:


IF the order has been opened on the Revel iPad do not try to VOID it on Vines OS. Instead, only do one of these options, because once the order is opened on iPad we can't send the void through if you void on Vines OS. If you void and refund it on the ipad, it will sync back to Vines OS and settle the void to the card on file. See: 

Void or Refund on Revel
Partial void, item swap out on Revel 

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