If a customer or member changes club type or cancels on Revel, the request must be reviewed and accepted first. When you login, you will see a red bell notice on the top right.

  1. Click on the Bell notification in the top right of VOS.
  2. Select 'Accounts to Update'

    You may filter for each type of change, such as Club Type, Notes (shows notes for club manager as entered on customer tab from Revel), Shipping, etc.
    Review and save or discard each change.

Option 1: Keep member active and apply updates - Click Save
Option 2: Keep member active and don't apply updates - Click Skip update.
The information that is currently stored on Vines OS is in red parenthesis
The updated information is in red, but is in the text box

Make sure you regularly Refresh your ipads so the member club/customer group is updated on Revel.

Vines OS has this measure in place to prevent members club types from being inadvertently changed by Revel.

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