NOTE: Repeat events like Tasting Reservations can not be sold on Revel, but they do sync.

In your Vines OS dashboard, go to Revel POS > Items
Click on Map Events 

Choose the Revel establishment, if you have more than one.
Vines OS to Revel section
Sync to Revel Subcategory: Choose where the Events should go in Revel when you add an Event on Vines OS. This MUST be a subcategory and not a main level category.
Set as Revel Class: Set the class that these orders will report through as in Revel.

Revel to Vines OS - Choose whether you want to sync everything in Subcategory on Revel, or in multiple subcategories, OR if you want to import all events in a Product Group. Don't do BOTH or it will only import events that are BOTH in the subcategory selected AND have the product group tag.

Sync Revel subcategories: Choose the subcategory/ies on Revel where you have your events
Sync Revel Product group: Choose the product group to sync. 

Match your items to synchronize: ONLY use this section IF you have events already added separately on Vines OS AND on Revel, and you need to "connect" them. Otherwise disregard this section.


NOTE: Repeat events sync with events on Revel but do not show with the date and time option, so must be sold on Vines OS only.

See: Use the Sell feature to sell tickets on VOS for call in or in person orders.

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