If you want to allow members to login to modify their orders:


  • Go to Settings > General Settings and scroll down to  > Wine Club section. 
  • Look for "Offer custom club" and toggle it on.
  • Save
  • Go to Clubs > Clubs 
  • Click to open up a club
  • Scroll down to "Club requirement" and specify the minimum requirements for that club. Example, a 2 bottle red club must have 2 bottles of red. Custom orders will not be saved unless they meet this requirement. 
  • If you require a minimum Order amount, so customers cannot modify their order with less than the minimum amount, that can be set on the specific screen when you are starting to create a new club release. *If you do not see this, select the chat message to ask it to be turned on. 

When you are ready to process, first review the Club processing article, and then when it says to pause for Customer Choice clubs, there will be a link to this article on processing  with Customer Choice.

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