Common issues with customers/members not found:

  1. Member email is already being used.
  2. Email is in the system but nothing comes up when searched.
  3. Member is missing from member section.
  4. Member has cancelled their club.

If you are unable to find a particular customer or member in Vines OS, try the following steps:

  1. For past or inactive members, search in Customers / CRM. This should be in the main menu, if you do not see it, let us know.   To locate the customer profile - Please go to CRM/Customers > Click on Search top right of the page. For email enter the customers email address.  Click Search again.  Now click on the customer Name, This will take you to the customer profile.
  2. For Current or active members, search in Club / Members.
  3. Broaden your search by searching on last name or email only.
  4. Use "All" for Member type and Member status.
  5. Do you have a previous Invoice # or Revel order number?  If so, try searching in Ecommerce / Orders.  Enter the Inv# or Revel# in the search box next to the "Submit" button. 

Still need help? Use the chat window and we can assist if needed.

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