We use webhooks (see definition below if curious)  with Revel to give you more immediate data sync without using up your limited API calls. 

This does need to be configured on Vines OS and on Revel. Learn how here. 

Once this has been done, this is how synchronization will occur: 

TASK                                                   SCHEDULE                                         API/Webhook

Customer added on Revel               Immediately                                        Webhook

Customer added on VOS                 Immediately                                        Webhook

Members updated  on VOS             Immediately                                        Webhook      
Orders added on Revel                    Immediately when processed          Webhook                    
Orders added on VOS                      Immediately when processed         Webhook          
Products added on Revel               End of day                                           API

Products added on Vines OS           End of day                                         API  

Events added on Revel OR               End of day                                        API  
Vines OS

Inventory sold on Revel to VOS        Immediately when processed      Webhook
Inventory from VOS to Revel             Immediately when processed     Webhook

Inventory received or changed        End of day
*Retailer upgrade option
Every 2 hours OR on  API / Webhook
                                                             when new search is done

Rewards added or used on Revel     Immediately                                   Webhook
OR Vines OS

What is a webhook? 

A webhook is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information.  A webhook delivers data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data updates immediately. 

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