1. Go to Settings > General Settings
    Go to the tab on top for Shipping Carrier
    Scroll down to Gift Wrap Handling, and toggle on.

2. Ecommerce Settings > Wine (or product)
Scroll down to the Shipping section
Enter the gift wrapping charge to apply based on the total number of items in the order. (Example, if there are 3 bottles of Chardonnay and 2 bottles of Cabernet, it will add the amount you put in the row for 5 items. If you set it as 0, it will show the gift wrap as "Complimentary".

This will update in the Order summary section during checkout.

When an order comes in that requires gift wrap, you will see the notification in red, as well as the gift message to write out on a gift card, like this:

After the order has been wrapped and sent, proceed with usual shipping process or mark it manually as delivered. 

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