Create a one-time popup promo for anyone that comes to your Vines OS hosted site.
(If we host your entire site, it will display on the first page a visitor comes to on your site. If we 'bolt on' it will display on the first page that we host. )
You can see an example on our demo site.

To Enable: 

Go to Settings > General Settings
Scroll to the bottom of page to the section Pop Up Promo

Enter the popup text, using the formatting bar to apply styles, or make links.


We'll bring you the wine you love! 

Same Day Local Delivery (bold format)

Now you can get wines delivered anywhere within the city limit, same day if ordered before 12pm, for just a $5 flat rate. Order minimum of $200 and we will include delivery! Order now. 

Curbside Pickup

Need to restock but you don't want to leave home? Take advantage of our Curbside Pickup option on checkout when you place an order. We'll bring your wine right to your car.

Case special! 

Use Coupon "RESTOCK" for an extra 20% discount on a case of our Summit Edge Pinot Noir


Test it!

 Make sure you have correct links and promo codes. The visitor will only see it once.  To check it: Open an Incognito Window, if using Chrome, here's how.

This will open a new window, you can check the pop-up and then close the window. Make any changes, and repeat. 

To make it display again, just make any change to the text and it will display for visitors who already saw the first message.

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