The following are shipping options:
UPS -  You can get completed should be rates for UPS based on your negotiated rates, printed labels, notify the customer of the tracking information  and track it through delivery to the customer. This is the quickest and easiest way to  get set up to ship, just requires your UPS account number and a few other credentials.

FedEx - You can get calculated rates for FedEx. Label printing can be done requires extra steps to get verification and approval of the label by FedEx. Please allow at least three weeks for this process. We can facilitate this on your behalf, which requires us to login and work with FedEx for approvals for your account. There is a  $200 fee for this.

GSO -  If you want to ship with GSO, we only have manual rates, where you put in what you want to charge for each state, or do flat rate shipping on the club processing. You upload a list of ZIP Codes that you will get from GSO, and then any order that is within that ZIP Code will create a label for GSO instead of labels for UPS or FedEx. Using this method, it is not doing actual rate calculation for UPS or FedEx, it is only using manual rates.



Go to Settings > General Settings
Click on the Shipping Carrier API Tab 

Select your Shipping Carrier options, based on above.  Depending on the carrier you select, there may be additional configuration settings that need to be defined.

Enter your shipping carrier details so that shipping costs will be calculated based on your negotiated rates.



See GSO Setup:  and see below to set up the Manual rates.

GSO or Manual: Use this to set up rates if you prefer to have table rates based on the number of items being shipped and which state it is shipped to. If you choose this, then go to  Ecommerce > Settings > Wine (or product you are setting up shipping for).  scroll down to the shipping section. Make sure you have selected which states you can ship to, at the top of this page, first. Save and come back in, if you have not yet.
 Now enter the number of items, and the price that you want  to charge for each state, for each number of items in the box. For example:

By default, Vines OS assumes adult delivery confirmation is required. If you do not require this, it is important to turn this off.

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