In order to offer FedEx-calculated shipping rates in your VinesOS store, you will need to follow these steps:

Rate calculation

  1. Login to your Fedex account.
  2. Go to: 
  3. Click Get Production Key. Set exactly these options and Continue

License Agreement > Accept 

On next screen for Consultants information, enter your email again in both email spots.  Submit form. 

Now you will get a page with Web Services Production Access Confirmation

Don’t close it. In a NEW browser window Log into your Vines OS account and go to Settings >General Settings and go to the tab for Shipping Carrier API

In Shipping Fees Set up, Choose Fedex 

Copy the Authentication key and Meter number from the FedEx Production access confirmation page into these two fields.

Your password field will still be empty.

Copy and save the authentication key and meter number in case you needed in future.

Now check your email (for the email address you entered on Fedex) for two emails, the first email will just  include the Meter number. You do not need this, as it has already been entered. In the SECOND email,  which will be subject something like “Your developer Production Key Registration is complete”  look for your Password which will be a  long mix of letters. Copy that into the Vines OS field “FedEx User Credential Password” 

TOGGLE on Live Gateway.
****NOTE: Your key should be 16 characters and password 25 characters****
If it is not, you will get an authentication error on shipment creation and will need to go back to FedEx to correct this.


Fedex Label Approval Process

You need to submit labels to FedEx for  approval before you can print labels. They need to verify your labels are printing well.

Download this document, update your credentials. NOTE: Do NOT follow instructions as on the form to print the labels, leave ALL info as is OTHER than your account Number, authentication Key and meter number. Do NOT change Test Meter number or ANY of the default printer information that is on this form. Just enter your info, and email it to us. 

Send this file to and ask us to submit this for approval. We have a separate process and will submit for approval.

Approval can take up to a week. 

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