With this feature, customers will be able to purchase a Gift Club membership and specify the number of shipments for the term of their gift.  Please use the following steps to set-up your ongoing Gift Club:

  1.  Log into the dashboard

  2.  Go to Settings > General Settings 

  3.  Scroll down to the wine club section

  4. Toggle on ‘Gift clubs’
  5 . If you want your gift clubs to be ongoing and charged accordingly, toggle on the "Enable ongoing giftclub charge" , other wise skip to step #6.
  6.  Click on "Configure gift clubs ".  This will take you to the Settings page for Wine Clubs. (Ecommerce>Settings>WineClub).  This is where you'll configure the terms or number of shipments for your ongoing gift clubs.

  • Option Label - is what will be displayed on the Gift Club page.
  • Clubshipment qty - is the number of shipment the gift club recipient will receive.

   7.  Upon completion, click "Save".

Your ongoing Gift Clubs are now set.  When a customer selects "Gift Club" from your Wine Club page, they'll have the option of selecting the number of shipments in their gifted club.

8.  Clubs eligible for gifting
You probably have a variety of clubs.  Some of these clubs you may want to offer gift clubs, while others you don't.  For each club that you want to offer the option of a gift club, you'll need to set a price for the gift clubs on the club page.

For example:
White only 2 bottle = $75.00 per release
If a customer purchase a White only 2 bottle/3 shipments the total will be $225.00
If a customer purchases a Red only 4 bottle/12 shipments, the total will be $1,200.00

9. Club Processing
Each time the club the gifted member belongs to is processed, the 'Shipments sent' will increase by one.  Once all gifted shipments have been sent, the 'Gifted member' will receive an email stating that the membership has ended.  This email can be found in Notifications/Terms>Gift membership>Gift membership expired.

10. Gift club notifications
There are several different notifications associated with Gift clubs.  This can be reviewed on the 'Notifications' page.  Here is a brief summary of some of the notifications.

Instant order processing on:
a. Gift club order processed - Sent to the gift giver when the order is placed.
b. Gifted member welcome - Sent to the giftee when the order is placed.
Instant order processing off:
c. Gift club order processed - Sent to the gift giver when the order is processed
d. Gifted member welcome - Sent to the giftee when the order is processed
e. Gift club processes ship/pickup sent to giftee when next club release is processed.
f. Gift membership expiration
eg Several admin emails.

Please review and update your gift club email notifications especially the one for declined card. Go to Notifications section and choose the Email template:  "Gifted club order process declined cc".  Review and edit, as desired, the default text that goes to the gift club buyer, if their card gets declined. 

Find a Gifted Member

In the members section, you can filter for Gifted members. In the Member status, filter for Gifted.

Cancel Gifted Membership

Learn how to Cancel a Gifted membership


 Before you announce gift memberships are available on your site, please test your configuration with a "test member" to ensure everything functions as you expect it to. 


When you set up gift clubs, the gift giver pays the full amount up front of the gift club, based on the number of shipments being purchased. It does not include tax or shipping in its current implementation, but that will be coming shortly. You process gift clubs at the same time as regular clubs. Vines OS recognizes that it is a Gifted club, and the card is not charged. In fact there is no credit card stored with this membership, so if the member logs into purchase, they would enter their own credit card, and that credit card would be stored on file for future purchases. When you are working with gift clubs, you do not need to process them separately. It will show on the gift member record how many gifted clubs remain, in other words how many have already been paid for. When you run a regular club shipment, Vines OS counts down and when the term is finished, it sends the gifted member an email asking if they would like to continue their membership and join.

Set up a gift wine club so that your customers can purchase a gift club for a recipient. When you do this, the buyer's credit card is charged in full at the time, based on the price that you set for the club shipment, and based on the number of club shipments that they are buying. For example, if you configure it so that a gift club can be on a 3, 6 or 12 shipment term, the buyer's credit card would be charged for three times the value of the club shipment if they were purchasing a three term gift club.

Step-by-step guide

  • Log into the dashboard
  • Go to Settings > General Settings 
  • Scroll down to the wine club section
  • Turn on "Offer Gift wine club options”
  • Go to Club > Terms and enter the number of shipments you would like to offer. Example: 3 shipments, 6 shipments, 12 shipments. In this case your customer will see the option to purchase a gift club that is 3, 6 or 12 shipments. You could also set it up as "half-year, one year, two years" and put in the shipment quantity as the number of shipments that would be sent during that time period.
  • Scroll up and SAVE your changes
  • Now go to Clubs > Clubs
  • Click on the Club name you want to set up Gift option for
  • Scroll down to Gift wine club section and enter the cost of a club shipment for this type of club. Make sure you set the average cost of a single club shipment. If somebody purchases a three shipment gift club, they would be charged three times this amount, for this particular club. If they purchase a 6 club shipment, it would be 6 times this amount, and charged up front.
  • Under the Price section, enter the price you want to charge for one club shipment
  • SAVE your changes

Changing a Gifted Membership

You cannot change the club for a Gifted Club membership.  The primary reason for this is, there is no credit card on file for the gifted club member.  The gifted membership must expire before it can be re-gifted or the member can sign up. 

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