To add new site administrators, go to Settings > Manage users.

From the right menu bar, choose New User and complete the form. Only the fields with red asterisks are required.

Important notes:

  1. The email address must be unique.  If you created a test user, or have a personal account in Vines OS, you cannot use the same email for the admin account. You can not add a manager using the same email address that they are using for a membership.  If they already have a membership with the email address you want to use for their admin account, you would need to change the member email address, if you want to free it up to be used as an admin email address.  Go to their member record and modify it before proceeding. 
  2. Role must be 'Maintainer'

If you set "Password recovery disabled?" at the bottom of the form to "yes", if the Admin uses "Forgot my password" Vines OS will not send the password. 

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