You will want to run a test club release prior to launching to make sure everything is set up properly, and flows through to your merchant processor. 

If you have not done so yet, set up your test club. Keep it in place for future testing purposes. 

Under the Main Menu select Clubs
Select Club Processing

  • From the dropdown, choose the Club for the shipment. In this case "Test". If your club does not appear, make sure there are Members in the club (You). If you did not add yourself as a member in the Club, it will not appear here.  Make sure that the test members email address is different than your admin email address. 
  • If you are not charging shipping, select Free Shipping (make sure you can legally do this).
  • Discounts: Specify the type of discount you want to apply, either as Percent or Dollar amount.
  • From your list of wine, add the Quantity you want to include of each in the batch.  For example, the club shipment is going to include one Pinot Noir, one Cabernet and one Chardonnay.
  • Make sure you have sufficient inventory and watch for any red error messages. If you need to increase the inventory of what is available, click on the name of the wine to go to the wine detail page where you can update it.
  • Review at the bottom to make sure your discounts and total members look correct.  If you forgot to add the discount, you can update it by going back to the top of the page and entering the amount and click on Update.

PROCESS: If you are ready to process the order: 

  • If you are ready to send the order to the merchant processor, select Process Shipment. This will batch process all orders. When you see the "Success" message you can close the window or navigate away. Orders will continue to process through.
  • After orders have processed, go back to the Club Processing page and filter by Order status.

  • Now log into your merchant processor and confirm the order is there.
  • Next, Void the Order in Vines OS. Open up the order under Ecommerce > Orders and select Void. 

  • Finally, review all email notifications that you receive, as the customer and make sure that it represents your brand and includes the text you want. There is default text included, if you want to customize, send your project manager a note with the text you want it changed to.

Once that is done, if you would like to do a review before doing your first club processing, please schedule your free Launch Training. You can also book us to be online with you for your first live club run to make sure it all goes smoothly. :-)

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