Coupons can be created for use during the checkout process. Simply create a Code that will be given to your customers or club members. The coupon can be for free shipping, or flat rate shipping, and/or you can set a discount off the purchase price – either as a dollar amount or as a percentage.  A minimum order value can be set along with a start and expiry date. Set whom the coupon is valid for – members only, or all buyers. Specify which products the coupon discount applies to, if applicable.  By default. other discounts are overridden when using a coupon, but if you want to change these you certainly can.

If you're using Revel, the coupon will be reported as a discount.  On the Revel order you'll see a note discount line: “Coupon discount: COUPON_CODE”

Code - This is what your give to the customer to use on checkout.

Description - For your internal reference on what the coupon should be doing

Free shipping - Applies zero shipping charge on the order. 

Flat rate shipping - Set a Flat rate for shipping, and optionally select what state it applies to if you want to limit to local only.

NOTE: Flat rate shipping WILL override the member discounted shipping if you have set that up in Ecommerce Settings, where members of specific clubs get discounted shipping cost.

Minimum Order Value - If you want the coupon only to apply to orders of a minimum value, enter it here. 

Minimum Order Items - If you want the coupon to apply to orders of a minimum quantity, enter it here. i.e 6 ( for 6-bottles of wine)

Start date: Enter the date the coupon will start to be valid. This will start at 00.00.01 AM (at midnight + .01 second) based on the buyers time zone.
End date: Enter the date the coupon expires. If it is the same day, enter the same date as the start date. It will expire at 11:59:59 PM. NOTE: Be sure that your time zone has been set accordingly in Vines OS. This should have been set up during your install, if you are not sure, ask :-)

Coupon is valid only for: If applicable choose:
All - coupon is valid for everyone
Only guests - coupon not valid for members
Members - only members  can use coupon, OR choose a particular club only

Only apply coupon to the following:
Select the product and click "add" if you want the coupon to only apply to certain products, or you may choose "Only Wines" or "Only Events". To remove the item, Select it in the "Applied to products" list and hit "remove"

Single use only - Be Careful! This is for a one time use only, ever. It is like a gift certificate, it can only be used ONCE, not once per person. For example, this would be used as a Welcome new member, or Happy Birthday coupon, or Member anniversary coupon. After the first time it's used, the coupon no longer works.

One time per email address - It can be used only one time per email address. If the customer has more than one Email address, she would be able to use it more than one time.

Override member discount - If on, the coupon will be INSTEAD of the regular member discount. Be sure to mention that in your promo

Override non-member discount - If on, the coupon will be INSTEAD of the case/volume (non-member) discount. Be sure to mention that in your promo. If off, guest buyers will still get the volume discount on top of the coupon promotion. Example 10% off when you buy a case.

Override sale discounted price - If on, the coupon will be INSTEAD of the sale price on a bottle.  If you have a product on sale (you have entered a member and nonmember sale price on the product page), a coupon with this set on, will apply the coupon INSTEAD of the sale price.  

Save - Always be sure to click Save.

PLEASE  PLEASE  PLEASE: Always test your coupon and make sure it does what you want before you give out the coupon code. TEST it for a member and guest and on a sale item.  As always, when testing, be sure you are logged-in as a member, not as an Admin.

Need help with a coupon? Set up a Coupon Consult here. 

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