You can update an order amount manually by adding a line item to the order details, to issue a partial refund or surcharge an additional amount.

This can be done either before the order has been processed or after the order has been processed.

  • Click the blue button "Edit amount" at the top
  • Select the green button "Add row"
  • Fee note: enter what should display on the invoice. Your customer will receive an updated email with this showing as a new line item on the order.
  • Value: enter the amount, either positive or negative amount. If it is negative, enter it with a minuse sign, ie, "-20.00"
  • Choose "Update" at top in the top menu.

This will create an additional charge to the card, for the amount you enter, or will generate a refund to the card of the negative amount you enter.

This does not update tax. You will need to manually update tax if you modify an order this way.

NOTE: Use this ONLY for partial refunds, not for full refunds.

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