When club shipments are created, the Order status is 'To be shipped'

When Labels are printed, the status will be set to ‘Shipment Created’

When the order has been picket up, the status will show as ‘Shipped’ (when you open the order, or on the Order list page after the night sync with UPS).

Typical process, after you create the labels:

Go to Orders and filter for:

“Shipment Created” and choose Club, or eCommerce, if your want to filter for something specific.

This will show all the orders for which labels have been generated. You can click View Status to see the UPS page

These have not yet been picked up.

When UPS picks up, and the order status from UPS has been updated to 'Origin scan’, the order will automatically be updated on Vines OS to ’Shipped' (This is a three hour process that happens at nighttime).

However, if you want to check on an order, if you open up the order to the order detail page, it will fetch the current actual status, and apply the correct filter status if it has been changed, and save that when it is closed.

To recap, when you open the order, it will update the current status of that individual order, but it will not show on the list page until the order is opened. Vines OS cannot display and check the order status for all of the orders every time the orders page loads, as it will be too slow. But when you open up an order, it will pull in the order status. You can also click on View status and it will show the actual UPS label status.

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