Before launch, perform a test purchase which should include:

  1. Non member, guest order 

After you get the internal order notification, as the winery,  login and process the order (you can void it afterwards). Check the email confirmation that you get as the customer, which advises them that the order has been processed.

2. Member order, not logged in
3. Member order,  logged in, using card on file
4. Event ticket purchase

Vines OS uses default templates for all notifications that go to customers after they have made an online transaction. Please confirm  the email notifications that you get as the customer are what you want them to be, for each of these transactions. 

Note: For the purpose of this test, make sure that the test members email address is different than your admin email address. 

If you want to make any changes, email with your desired change. A development fee may be required for customization.

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