You can set up to allow your members or customers to pick up at a specific location. Ecommerce > Settings > Wine 

Pickup locations - Add one or more locations only if you offer more than one pickup location. Set the appropriate tax for each location. This will be added to any order that is selected to be picked up at the location. If you do not have more than one location, this can be left empty. 

If using Revel, set  the location name and POS for inventory and orders. This if for reporting purposes on Revel, and will show the orders as being allocated to those POS terminals.

NOTE: On Revel, you may see orders that are for pickup at all locations but you can not update the order at the alternate location. If a member comes in to pickup at a different location, recommended practice is to login to Vines OS and mark the order as Picked up. If the order on Revel has not been opened, it will be marked as Picked up on Revel right away. 

You can also manage pickups on Vines OS just by logging in on your iPad or on a computer, and keep the Orders view open. Enter the customer name or email. Select the orders that are being picked up, and scroll to the bottom, and bulk update the status of those orders to 'Picked up'. This will update all orders on the iPad, as long as they have not previously been opened on the iPad. 

If an order was declined, you can retry the card on file to see if it will go through, or type in the card number (this will update it back to the member record). Alternatively you can open the order on Revel, and swipe to have the card charged. (*This will not write the card back to the member record). 

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