1, Ask Revel Support (415) 744-1433 to turn on your Dining Options, to display on the ipads. Note: Tell them you do NOT want it to force the dining option selection on every order. Check an order to make sure it is displaying for you.

2. Ask Revel  to set your custom dining options as: 

ID4 - DRIVETHROUGH                          'Hold for pickup'
ID6 - OTHER                                           'Received'

When a member comes in to pickup, you change the order Dining Option from 'Hold for Pick up' to 'Received' and it will sync back to Vines OS as picked up, at the end of the day sync.  (You can ask Revel to set this label as anything, such as "Picked Up" but keep in mind this will also show as the status on all orders from Vines OS that were shipped as well as those that have been picked up. This is the status for any order that is not "Hold for pickup", whether it was shipped or picked up.) 

3. Ask Revel to turn on the black box that displays on your iPad to show you the customer order history when you add them to the order.

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