First check in your settings on Vines OS to see what you are using to sync products from Revel to Vines OS.
Go to Revel POS > Items

Check what you have set up to sync, it should be either or, never both:
Revel to Vines OS

  1. IF USING: Sync Revel subcategories: If you have a subcategory selected (not a category, it must be a subcategory), then make sure in Revel the product is added to that subcategory. (You can use more than one subcategories to choose what to sync). 
  2. Go to Product > Labels and set what to sync each label to in Revel. A Vines OS label must be created for each Revel subcategory. A label in Vines OS defines what section of your ecommerce store the wine will be displayed in. So create a label for each Revel subcategory, such as Wine > White wine, where "white wine" is the section it will display as on Vines OS. 
  3. NOW do a Force Sync or wait until the next day to have the products sync.  
  4. IF USING: Sync Revel Product group: If you have a product group set, make sure that product group is applied to the product you want to import. In Revel, go to Product groups and select the pencil icon to edit the product group you are using to sync with, ie, website. Then add the product to it. 
  5. NOW do a Force Sync or wait until the next day to have the products sync.  The very first time you synchronize, you will toggle this on and save, and then repeat. You need to toggle it on twice, saving each time, for the very first synchronization to work. The first one sets it to synchronize, and the second one forces it to synchronize right away.
  6. Note: When you see the wine listed on Vines OS, you do not need to enter a "sale price" or "member price". Only enter this  if you have a product on sale, such as a case discount or flash sale. The member price will be calculated separately based on what you set up in the Member discounts in the Product Settings section. 
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