At the bottom of the product page there are settings to choose:

** Published: If we host your wine list or wine detail pages, this will be displayed on the page, it's active and live!.  Items can be purchased. 

Library: It's a library wine, and can be viewed and may or may not be purchased, depending on Settings. You can have these products display on a separate page, as special wines. *Small set up fee may be required.
Past Vintage: Customer can read about it, but no longer make purchase. These can display on a separate page/menu link. 

No display/No sale : Wine will not be displayed, and can not be purchased.

* No display/Sale: Wine is not displayed on your site, but can be purchased if the buyer has been given the link. 

* Unreleased: Wine is not displayed on your site. It IS available for club processing. It is not available on customize club selection by member. 

* Members only: Wine is available only to members. Member must checkout with email address on file to be able to purchase.

Preview only: Wine is published, cannot be purchased. There is no "Buy" button. 

NOTE: Not all status types sync to Revel. 

* Syncs to Revel. This is restricted due to possible performance degradation issues if past vintages and items that are not available are set to sync. 

** Syncs to Revel and is available to Map in Revel

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