This feature will allow you to further discount a club order, after it has been created and processed.  

  1. On your Vines OS dashboard, navigate to Ecommerce/Orders.
  2. Locate the order you want to apply a discount to and click on the Invoice #.  (Note - The order must be a "club order" this does not work for ecommerce orders.) 
  3. Click "Customize Order" 
  4. The "Edit Order" page will display.  Half-way down the page you'll see "Club Shipment Discount" with a text-box and a drop down.  In the text box you'll enter the value for the discount. The drop down allows you to select whether the discount will be $ or %. So, it could be $20.00 discount or 20% discount.
  5. The discount will display as soon as you select $ or %.
  6. If you make an error, you can click "Reset to default"
  7. Click "Done" on the bottom of the page.


  • The order you want to customize must be a "club shipment".  You can identify a club shipment by the "Club Shipment column and the Inv# has a semicolon (:).
  • If there's already a Shipping discount applied to this order, any discount you apply with this process will override the previous discount.
  • This discount is "pre-tax" so sales taxes adjust accordingly.
  • For processed orders, after the discount is applied, the system will display a button for you to refund or surcharge for the amount equal to the difference.

 If you don't see the Customize Order button, please contact us using the Chat window to ask for it to be enabled. 

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