Gift card dashboard

The gift card dashboard displays all gift cards purchased, and shows the original amount, amount redeemed, and balance. You can see who purchased the card and whom it was sent to, and click to to view any online purchases made with the gift card. 

Navigate to > Products > Gift Cards > Gift Card Dashboard


Mailed cards - When an order is placed for a  mailed card, you will get an order notification that shows the gift message. You will create the gift card, and send the gift card along with your stationery or card, including the gift note on the order. Before you send it out, enter the  unique gift card number from the physical gift card onto the order,  in the field "Enter Card Code". See below for instructions on creating the gift card on Revel.

This will allow it to be tracked in the Vines OS Gift card dashboard. If you miss this step, the gift card will still work, but it won't be tracked in the VOS Dashboard.

Ecards - The customer will receive an email with the code that can be used online, or on Revel. These eGift cards will be emailed immediately upon checkout. If you are not doing real time processing, and doing authorize-only on checkout, the gift cards are still processed in real time, without you manually processing the order, so the recipient will still get the gift card if the order comes in, for example, at 9pm on a Sunday and you are closed on Monday.  
If you are using Revel, the gift card is automatically created in Revel, and there is nothing else you need to do. You can use the number generated by VOS on Revel. Note it will have letters and numbers on it. You can enter numbers and letters on Revel, by toggling like this:

Create the Mailed Card on Revel 

  1. First you'll need to create the gift card on your Revel POS dashboard. On the iPad, select the 'Gift Cards'.

2. On the Gift Card screen, enter the gift card number from the plastic card. Hit Next.

3. The next screen will indicate that there's no gift card for that number in the Revel system.  Do you want to create this gift card? Press 'Create'.

4. On the Gift Card Info screen, click on the 0.00 on the Add Value line.  Enter the value of the gift card that was sold.  Press Confirm and then Done.

The Gift Card has now been created and is ready to be used online or on Revel.  

IMPORTANT: Now enter the gift card number on the Vines OS order. You can find the link to enter it in the Gift Card Dashboard on Vines OS. 

ALTERNATIVE OPTION: you can export the VOS gift card orders and import them to Revel. This is more automated so you don't have to create the card manually in Revel.

Gift Recipient Checkout Experience

During online checkout, a customer with a gift card will simply enter the gift card number during checkout. For ECards, they will enter the number on the egift certificate.  (If you are using Revel, the egift certificate generated by Vines OS can also be used on Revel checkout. ) If the total in the cart is less than the value of the gift card, there will be a balance remaining on the card.  If the total in the cart is greater than the value of the gift card, a balance will be due to complete the purchase. 

We do a real time lookup of the gift card value on Revel, so if a gift card was entered and used online, it immediately depletes it from the value on Revel. If the value was used on Revel, and someone attempted to use it the next second online, it would already be depleted, so it can not be used more than once.

Happy Gifting!

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