To bulk process orders:

  1. Go to Ecommerce/Orders
  2. Select or filter for the orders you want to process.  (There are several drop downs you can use to filter orders).
  3. You'll need to place a "check" in the box for each order you want to do a  bulk 'action' on, or a "check" next to 'All' at the top of the list, to select all the orders on the list.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, there's a "Bulk Process" button, click this button. 
  5. Orders will be processed and an email will be sent to the customer to let them know their order has been processed (this always happens for ecommerce orders, for club orders, it is optional so IF turned on, members will be notified). If order is declined, customer will get decline notice, if that option is enabled in Settings. 
  6. The status for these orders will be updated to 'Processed' or 'Declined'.
  7. For Shipping and Printing labels, it is the same process, filter for orders first (e.g., select orders with status 'To ship' and select the orders you want to ship or print then  just click Ship or Print at the bottom of the page. 

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