1. Shipping updates: A) Automatic notifications for tracking notices. You no longer need to manually send tracking notices. B) Ship and create labels for combo of UPS /GSO or FedEx /GSO. Learn more.  Also new options to cancel a shipping label or change the shipping address. 
  2. New orders status: We've simplified the Orders drop down, with all status types shown under either Processed or Unprocessed for easier order management. 
  3. Revel real time syncing: Introducing more immediate and real time syncs including inventory and orders with Revel via Webhook integration, which also takes  fewer API calls.  Free, but must be enabled. Learn more
  4. Email based on order filters: Send customer emails based on Orders page for declines, pickups, clubs etc.  Learn more.
  5. Warehouse inventory: new option for tracking warehouse inventory and allowing to pull from inventory for 'ship to' orders only, for club and or ecommerce orders, with or without Revel. Learn more.
  6. Alternate location pickup: Change location of order pickup, with option to adjust tax or not based on different pickup location. Learn more.

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