Open the customer order on the iPad (Manage Customers >  enter customer name, click View Past Orders > Display All Orders > OK. Open the Order that is Hold for Pickup.

FIRST change Dining Option to Picked Up. 

Click on the name of the item you want to remove. In the pop-up window, scroll to the bottom if necessary and click Remove Item in red. Enter reason, for example "club swap". Confirm, inventory tab should be turned on which is the default, if you want the inventory to be updated to return to inventory.

IMPORTANT: on the refund payments option box that comes up, click "No Thanks". This will apply a credit that can be used to apply to a different item to add to the same order. The member discount will be applied to what is being added, if member discounts have been set up.
Now add the new  items they want to the order. 

If there is a negative number it is a credit the customer can use, keep adding until the credit is used, or you can refund to the card. 

Issue a Refund

If there is a refund amount due, click Pay. Then click the Reload icon (#2 below, the half round circle icon beside the credit card which is below the Balance Due line). In the pop-up box, it will show the refund amount, payment type and last four digits of the credit card.  Click Refund. A confirmation box will confirm the amount refunded.
Click Okay and then Done to close the order. 

*Make sure you changed the Order to Picked up using the Dining Options button. This writes it back to Vines OS as Picked up and makes sure the customer can not pick up a second time. 

Note: Advise the customer to expect the refund from Revel to take 1-2 days before it shows due to the sync from Revel back to Vines OS.  Then it should appear in the end of day close batch. 

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