Vines OS offers realtime GSO rate calculation and label printing. 

GSO zipcodes are checked for all ecommerce or club orders, once enabled, and  any  order that is in the GSO zip range will charge the GSO rate, instead of using your default UPS or FedEx account. 

Ask us to setup your account to use GSO where it is available. Any order that is in the ZIP Code range of where GSO  ships to will be charged GSO rates, and those orders will automatically print GSO labels instead of UPS/FedEx labels. 

Orders shipped with GSO will have their status automatically updated from "Shipment created" to "Shipped" after the parcel has been picked up at the door.


  1. Request API access via your GSO Sales Rep.  If you are unsure who your rep is you can email and ask for “web service or API access”. Wait until you get your API username and API password from GSO. 
  2. Then go to Vines OS General Settings and then to the top tab "Shipping Carrier API". Toggle on "OFFER GSO" and enter your  API username and API password from GSO and your GSO account. 
  3. SAVE.

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