Club Updates

  1. GSO shipping rate calculations: Real time GSO rate calculation is available for the GSO supported zip code ranges. Vines OS will use "best rate" for calculating shipping depending on where the order is going and apply either GSO or FedEx / UPS.
  2. Faster processing: Club Order bulk processing optimization has been released for faster club processing.
  3. Discount per product type for clubs. You can now set up specific product types to exclude from a club release discount. For example, include products that are food type, but don't allow a discount on those items, only on wine items.*
  4. Label printing duplication resolved: To prevent accidental duplicate printing of labels which could result in duplicate shipping, there is now a warning if you try to reprint a label that has already been printed. 
  5. Club order pickup timestamp:  Timestamp and Employee name is added to Vines OS Order when it has been marked as picked up. Once marked as picked up, order status can no longer change back to "hold for pickup".

Ecommerce Updates

  1. Transaction order history: Order transaction history is now updated on every order for any merchant processor change or refund. See the bottom of each order for any change to the transaction and to see if email was sent to buyer. This applies to new orders only. 
  2. Expanded order search: Search for orders based on the last-5 digits of the credit card used on the order. 
  3. New product status: "Unreleased": Item is visible but not for sale online. It will show the  words "Unreleased". It is available for Revel POS sale and can be included in a club release. 
  4. Wine store filter widget: Added an option for a wine store filter widget.  This enables customers to filter their search based on several different attributes such as varietal, price, discounts, winery etc. 

Event Updates

  1. Member only events no login required: Club members don't have to log-in to purchase member-only event tickets. It works the same now as it does for member-only wine, where on checkout it will show that it requires membership, asking the buyer to enter their member email on file.*
  2. Event 'Available dates' option: Set available dates only for recurring events. There is a new option when setting up Events to set just certain dates for a recurring event instead of weekly ongoing recurring event dates. 

Revel Updates

  1. Guest ecommerce orders: Ecommerce orders by guest buyers (non-members) can now be found on POS by entering customer name. 
  2. Location-specific Events: Events can be tied to specific Revel locations only. If you have multiple Revel locations, at the bottom of the Event you create, choose the Revel location, or ANY. This will allow that event ticket to only push to the specific location and show on RSVP list for the specified location.*
  3. Revel Rewards: Set up Revel loyalty points to use with your club offerings. Example: members get 2 free tastings a month, once used, they are charged $10; OR  Bottle refill club members get 2 free refills, then regular refill price applies.*
  4.  Member pickup at alternate location: If you have multiple locations, members cannot pick up at either location on Revel. However if you open the member order on Vines OS on the ipad, simply change the location of pickup on the order, and the order will be updated to A) push to the new Revel location, B) apply applicable tax difference (optional) and C) pull inventory from the new Revel location and restore to the prior set location of pickup. 

*Indicates small set up fee may apply.

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