IMPORTANT NOTE: When you open the order on Revel, it can not be updated by Vines OS anymore, Revel becomes the "master". ONLY open an order on the iPad if the customer is there on site, because if it has been declined, and then they pay it online afterwards, Vines OS can not push the payment to the iPad to show it has been paid. The payment will go to the Revel dashboard, so it is correct for reporting, but you will not be able to remove the order from the iPad and it will stay as showing a balance due. If this happens, you need to contact Revel to "re-provision" the iPad, which makes it pull the data again from the Revel dashboard.

If the club order was declined, when you open it on the iPad it will show the balance due:

  1. First set the order as picked up, using the Dining Option button, if you are tracking this on Revel.
  2. Collect payment and close the order, as you would a regular order.
  3. Remind the member to login to update their card on the website.

NOTE: If the member states that they updated their credit card, but it still shows as unpaid, let them know that EVEN if they got the email and updated it, the credit card will be used for the next Club release, but this one will be paid on site because the order was already declined. Once you charge the card, it will update on Vines OS as PAID so it can't be double charged.

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