You can set up and charge members an annual fee based on the anniversary of the date they joined.


Go to Settings, and scroll down to Club section.
Toggle on Enable membership date filter.

To Process:

STEP 1 Create the membership fee

First, make sure you have a product that is UNPUBLISHED called "Membership fee" or whatever you want to have it show as on the Receipt. SET TAX to override. 

Step 2: Go to Club Processing  
Create a new club release by selecting the club to charge for the renewal
Go to the "Membership renewal date range" section and enter the month for the anniversary that you want to charge for.  For example, select October 1 to October 31 two filter for any members who joined in October.
Enter Minimum Years as "1"  So it will filter only members who have joined over one year ago.
PREVIEW -  double check your filtered list looks correct.
Now add the Membership fee product item.
Make sure there is no tax or discount, otherwise go back to Step 1 to review tax and discount settings
Create orders, and process as normal with club processing.

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