This feature provides the ability to charge a recurring membership renewal fee.  If your club has a renewal fee, the set-up and processing of  this charge is similar to the set-up processing of a club.
To enable, go to General Settings  and search for "date filter". Toggle it on.

In Products, create an Unpublished item and name it what you want the member to see on the Receipt, such as "Membership Renewal". 

To charge all members who joined in the month of March, for example, create a new club release (Club > Processing) then you will see a filter for 'Membership renewal date range'

Enter the month or range to find anyone who joined in the month of March, so set from the 1st to 31st. Hit SAVE and then PREVIEW to make sure the list looks good.
Then proceed with processing the Membership fee, by adding the item to the order and process as normal.

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