Step 1: General Club Features Setup:
Go to Settings > General Settings, and Scroll to the Club section. There are some basic settings here such as club contact email address, and lots of features that you can select to turn on or off, such as offering Customer Choice clubs, setting cancellation reasons, and finding out where members heard about your club.
All options are explained in the General Settings article - scroll down to the Club section.

Step 2: Set up your Clubs
Go to Clubs > Wine Club (or Club)
This is usually set up for you when you first get your Vines OS site, but you can always add a new club.

Select Add a Club (Note: If you have clubs with tiers,  such as "Red" "White" "Mixed" - 2, 4,6 bottles each, send us your club structure, using the chat icon when logged into your Vines OS dashboard.)

Alias: leave this as is unless you have been asked to change it.
Club Category: If you have tiered clubs, ie Red, White, Mixed, and 2, 4, 6 bottle options within each, you will choose the Club Category if you are adding a new sub level club, ie, 12 bottle.  First go to Club > Category and set you main club levels. Then add a club under each category.

Club ID: If you are importing members, set the Club ID to identify the club, and use this exact same Club ID on the member import spreadsheet.  Download Sample file. An example Club ID could be "Red 2" for 2 bottle red club.  Be sure to copy and paste directly, it is  case-sensitive and must match exactly.

Title: Enter the name of your club. Keep in mind, on the email notification to members on signup, it will say "Thank you for joining our <club title>" so it's suggested to use something that fits this structure. 

OPTION: Host your own club page

You can optionally host your own club description pages and just link to the signup form. If you are using your own club page, you don't need to enter the description and add images. However you do need to fill out the rest of the club section below Description. To link to the club signup form, and use your own club details page, copy the VIEW icon beside the club name in the Club list. 

Or if you want just to link to a club form page and not have the club selected, you can copy the URL from any club detail page, like this. That will link through to the club signup page without any checked. 

Enter the description and details for your  club. You can upload images or YouTube video embedded links.
Drag and drop the image to where you want it.
To improve the amount of white space around your image and between the text, right click and choose “Image properties”. Set HSpace and VSpace to 10 or a suitable amount of pixels.
Set alignment to Right or Left. Play with it until it looks good. 

Display: Select Yes for the club to be visible. Select No if it is a private club. (Hint: Interwinery clubs, friends and family discounts, legacy clubs). Only you can add members in the Dashboard, there is no way for visitor to signup. 

Checkout teaser: Enter a very short description of the club, which will be used on the checkout page as incentive to join the club. Example: “2 bottles, 6 times/year. Avg cost $150”

Only use this if we have built a custom club page for you, and are using this image field. 

Gift club price
Price per club shipment:
this is the average club cost that will be used for gift club purchases. Example: if your club is average $150 per shipment, if someone buys a 3 shipment gift club, they will be charged $150 x 3, or $450.

Club requirement – if you offer customer choice clubs, set the minimum of each type of wine or product here. For example, the two bottle red club would require two bottles of red in this section.
Hint: If nothing displays here yet, be sure to add your Labels (ie, series or categories) in Products > Labels. 

See also: Annual membership charges or recurring anniversary date charges

SAVE :-)

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