To set up reservations to allow only a maximum number of guests in a specific location and at a specific time, you can follow this set up guide.

Go to Events, and add a new event, or open an existing event.

  1. Enter the total maximum number of seats available. Warning, if this number is less than the total number of seats, as entered in 3 & 4 below, it will show sold out.
  2. Enter your location names, as you wanted to appear for guests when they are purchasing online.
  3. Enter the number of spots for this type of location you have available. For example if you have Terrace seating and there are 2 tables for two and 2 tables for four, you would enter it as below. This field represents the number of actual tables, not how many people at the table.
  4. Seats/Participants – enter the number of seats at each of the tables or locations.
  5. Enter cost for members or guests.
  6. If you want to allow a smaller group to book a larger table, e.g., a party of 2 to book a table for 4, check the box "Offer larger table for smaller group". If unselected, a smaller group will not see table options for a larger group.
  7. Be sure to set this box to sell online, otherwise the event is promoted but will not have a Buy button.
  8. Check the box for Repeat event
  9. Set the timeframe for tickets to be sold, and choose the repeat dates.
  10. Save, and test. Make sure all the reservation details go to your RSVP list.


On the event page, the first thing the guest will do is enter the number of Tickets they want to book. Based on that, it will show next available date and time, along with the reservation options.

  1. Enter number of guests
  2. Click on date field to choose date. Only your available dates will show, based on seat availability.
  3. Only times will display based on seat availability
  4. Only location/table choices will show based on number of seats requested, date and time requested, and available table options.

If time slots are sold out, they will appear greyed out and can not be booked.


See Managing RSVPS


Once a table-based reservation has been booked, it is not possible using Customize order to modify it. If a customer calls, you can void it but they will need to re-book online.

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