• Go to Wine Clubs or Clubs
  • Select Members
  • Select New Member from the top
  • Send member invitation email - This will send them the Welcome to our Club email.
  • Choose the club, if you have more than one. Members can belong to more than one club.
  • Send last club shipment: If you have processed a club already on Vines OS, this will create an order for the new member, based on what club they joined, and what was sent in the last release. After this, go to Orders to process it. This only creates the order.
  • Import Key value: Leave blank unless we have instructed you to use this.

  • Skip order but keep discounts applicable: This will exclude the member from the club releases you create, but they will still get their discounts when ordering. If you don't want them to get a discount on orders, use "Hold membership", see below.
  • Hold membership: Choose a date to hold the membership through. After date passes, membership will be reactivated. Discounts do not apply if membership is on hold.
  • Gift membership: See: Gift membership
  • Account Details: Enter in the member's information, anything with an asterisk "*" denotes a required field to add the member. The email address is the unique identifier for members and must be included. If member does not have one or does not want to give one, you can make up one such as "Member1@yourwineryname.com"
  • Signed up by: This shows on backend Dashboard only, not on customer form when they sign up. Use if you track club signups and offer incentives to your staff and just let them know to login with that, but they will not receive order notifications.
  • Click on the Save button when finished

Note: When adding a "test member"for testing functionality, please make sure to use an email address that is different than your admin email.

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