It is important to keep a test club in place, so that whenever you need help with something, we can use this to demonstrate.  You'll be able to use this test club to learn how the system works so you can provide assistance to your customers should the need arise. 

Add a test club and do a signup test from the front end.

Please add a club and call it Test Club. Set the Club to be displayed temporarily, then go to your club page and signup as a  member, with a real credit card, and set for pickup (or if you already know about pickup, set for to ship). Make sure your merchant account token is in place before doing this. You want to test the club sign-up and make sure the token goes through to your merchant account. Check with them if you don't see it when you log in to your merchant account. 

Navigate to Club/Wine Clubs.
Click on 'Add Club'  
For 'Title', Name the club "Test Club"
Display = yes
Click 'Save'
You've now created a new club

After you have successfully added the club, do a test signup, as if you were a member. Once tested, go back into the test club and set it not to display.  This means it will not show on your website, and nobody will be able to join it unless you put them in this club. (Hint: you can use this setting to create a friends and family club to offer discounts for friends/family or wholesale, but nobody will be able to sign up for it, they can only be added in the Dashboard.)

Add members from Dashboard

Now go to Members in the dashboard and add 4 additional test members. (This is very important so we can train you before launch on how to deal with declines or ship to orders).  The test members that you add must use an email address that is different than your admin email address. Each member must have a unique email address, as it is our identifier for the member.

  1. Add one member for shipping, and using a valid card.  
  2. Add one member for pickup, and using a valid card. 
  3. Add one member shipping, and using an invalid card. 
  4. Add one member for pickup and using an invalid card.

For one of the above 4 members accounts, please use  for the email address with a test credit card 4444333322221111 exp - (any date in future), CVV 999 . WE will do a password reset to get in. We need this for supporting you with  member features etc on your site.   You can create more test member accounts if you like, but it is critical that the email address you use are unique and not the same email address as what your staff will use for their admin user accounts.

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