Go to Products > Wine (or Beer, Spirits, etc)
Click the Add(merchandise) button in top left.

Price is required.
Label is required or it will not show on your page. Customize your labels first in the Labels section.
Quantity is required or it will show as sold out.
Note: You do not need to enter a "sale price" or "member price" for each wine. Only enter this  if you have a product on sale, such as a case discount or flash sale. The member price will be calculated separately based on what you set up in the Member discounts in the Product Settings section. 

Any field that you complete will display on the detail wine page. (Click the eye view icon to see the front end display of the wine detail page in a new window).
TIP: In the Note field, the first paragraph will display on the product list page and the rest of your text will show once you click on that product, on the detail page.

You may view the details of any pre-entered wines by clicking on the wine name.
Fill in as much information as you care to include and Save.

You can edit or add the Varietals available in the menu, Wine > Varietals. 


When adding merchandise to your store, you may need to configure options if a product has multiple attribute such as different sizes or colors.  If you don't see this option on your dashboard, please use the red message button to let us know and we'll enable this feature for you.

Complete a sale for member or guest from the Dashboard
Click on the shopping cart icon  and the wine will be added to a checkout. Click POS checkout, or close the window and keep adding other products. When done, use POS checkout. Enter the members email address on file to autofill their info and credit card on file. The member will receive an email confirmation of their order. You'll find the order in the Orders section. 

Always SAVE.

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